November 2010

OSHA 300 Log: Free Webinar

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November 22nd, 2010

Did you know that on February 1st, companies that employ more than 10 people will be required to post an OSHA 300A form?  What is that?  Is your company required to do this?  How do you do it? What goes on the 300 log?  Learn more about the OSHA 300 Log… Want to know more about the OSHA» Read Full Article

CyberCrime: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Risk

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November 19th, 2010

Cybercrime is real and it’s only a question of time before your business feels its effect.  Any business that accepts credit card payments, utilizes social networking, has a web site, stores personal information on its employees, conducts business on the internet or is using technology to conduct and advance their business is at risk.  This» Read Full Article

Bond Thresholds Now $150k!

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November 3rd, 2010

In the United States, the law requiring contract surety bonds on federal construction projects is known as the Miller Act. This law requires a contractor on a federal project to post two bonds: a performance bond and a labor and material payment bond.  What’s important to know is that the threshold at which these bonds» Read Full Article